If you are interested in joining any of the committees, please email the appropriate committee chair for more information.

Philanthropy & Partnership Committees:

The Philanthropy & Partnership Committees are responsible for researching and interacting with all charities related to cancer and coordinating volunteer activities with these charities for YTAC members. The Committees will make decisions and recommendations as to where YTAC can focus its financial and personal resources. Currently, the members on these Committees are gathering a list of cancer-related organizations and foundations for YTAC to research and consider contributing to at the end of the year. The Committees are also creating a database of volunteer activities in the community. We welcome your suggestions! See the news & updates page for your volunteer activities.

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Social Committee:

The Social Committee is responsible for providing a fun environment where young adults can increase their awareness and contribute to various cancer-related charities. The Social Committee members are in charge of coordinating and planning all events for YTAC. The purpose of these events is to expand our membership and community involvement. The Social Committee’s long-term goals by planning events include stimulating YTAC’s growth and generating funds for our Annual Charitable Donations.

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Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee is responsible for updating the website to reflect all current volunteer opportunities, current partnerships, annual grants given, and upcoming events. The Committee also sends out the newsletters to the YTAC Austin member database and makes sure the member contact information is added to the database after each event. Communications Committee also works closely with the Social and PR & Marketing Committees.

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PR & Marketing:

The PR & Marketing Committee is responsible for contacting local news and media about upcoming events. The Committee is also responsible for advertising YTAC events and donating opportunities on various local and networking websites. PR & Marketing Committee works closely with the Communications Committee.

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Golf & Chili Committees:

Our two biggest events of the year are the Seabreeze Golf Invitational in November and the YTAC Austin Chili Cookoff in March. Both of these events require dedicated and involved volunteers to make them happen. The difference between these two committees and the other committees in YTAC, is the committment time. All of our committees are ongoing volunteer involvement, except Golf & Chili. This gives you an opportunity to get involved for a couple of months out of the year and really make a difference on how much we can raise for our local cancer organizations!

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